What is a DELVE workshop?
It’s a custom tailored workshop that focuses on the professional side of being an artist or
creative entrepreneur.

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Why should I, an organization or individual, host a workshop?
Now, more than ever, artists must factor in the following conditions in addition to their most important endeavor, making art: marketing, PR, writing, budgeting, legal issues, networking, taxes, communication, community building, documentation, archiving, navigating opportunities, applications, and creating new ideas. This is in addition to making a living, nurturing relationships and leading a healthy lifestyle, of course.

This also goes for creatives, crafters and makers who want to get a business off the ground and sell their work!

It’s not news that artists and creatives wear many hats, but we firmly believe that there are fresh ways to think about how work can exist in the world, and we all need reminders of this. Through our DELVE Workshops, we see that it’s possible to take action and start on the road to achieving our goals through some straight talking, brainstorming, skill honing, and group support.

Who are the workshops for?
Our bespoke workshops are dedicated to working artists and creatives and take place at universities, non-profit and community organizations, co-working spaces, galleries, and even for groups of friends. The groups can be as small as a few, to as large as an auditorium. By bringing in outside perspective to normally insular creative environments, our DELVE workshop attendees often experience the AHA! moment and leave with a concrete list of things to get to work on, whether they are university students or incredibly accomplished working artists.

How do you conduct the workshops?
By instigating conversation in a productive environment, nurturing seeds of ideas into coherent thoughts, and providing ample suggestions and resources on how to best communicate your art practice with the world, DELVE workshops create an inspiring environment of exchange. Everyone who attends our workshops is meant to share what he/she does, because through this act of sharing and community building, great opportunities can arise. We also have great hand-outs, worksheets, presentations, imagery and fun stories to share. Sometimes we invite guest speakers to come and inspire everyone even more.

What does someone get from the workshops?

  • expert advice from New York art world professionals
  • the option to hear from amazing guest speakers
  • concrete action items relevant to the workshop
  • fresh ideas to apply to their practices

What kind of workshops do you offer?

We can tailor any of our workshops to your group’s needs. To inquire about our full list of offerings, please email us. In addition to the past workshops we have done,  we can customize a workshop "à la carte," where we delve deeply into the topics covered in our popular Toolkit.

We had a great time hosting the Creative Marketing for Artists Workshop at Cue Art Foundation. We wrote about our experience here.

What people say about DELVE Workshops:

"I’ve gone to a number of “consultations” regarding my artwork (displaying, marketing,) but this one really was most helpful and interesting. I came away with a good idea of how to approach my marketing project: how to position it, what to do to prepare for it, how/ where to propose it. Meeting with both Andrea and Sara had other benefits as well: two knowledgeable and sympathetic heads to contribute new ideas and enlarge my vision. The experience makes the project less daunting/ more doable, and it’s good to know help is there if/when I need it."

Regina SilversCreative Marketing for Artists at Cue Art Foundation

“I had a marketing idea in mind for my creative projects for quite some time. Andrea and Sara's workshop and one on one meeting helped me to move forward with the project. Their knowledge and insights on the topic gave me a new perspective to take the next step. Thank you, Andrea and Sara!”

-–Yoon Cho, Creative Marketing for Artists at Cue Art Foundation


"Andrea Wenglowskyj and Sara Jones of Kind Aesthetic provided practical, clear, and effective tools for our students on how to sharpen their professional practice. The workshop was attended by a wide range of Montserrat students, from Freshmen to Seniors. Andrea and Sara emphasized how it is never too early to cultivate successful professional practice and should be done well in advance of graduation. One student who attended the workshop described them as not only knowledgeable, but extremely approachable. They covered a wide array of topics from the elevator speech, to time management, to how to best market oneself. They shared their own personal experiences and emphasized the importance of community for feedback as well as network building. We hope to have them back to Montserrat again in the coming years to share their advice and expertise."

--Savery Kelley, Montserrat College of Art


"The DELVE + chashama workshop I attended was completely inspiring as well as comforting.  Currently I am a practicing artists and Adjunct Professor in New York City.  Most of my "Art World" interactions with friends, colleagues, and strangers leave me feeling overly competitive, aggressive, and empty.  This workshop washed all of that away leaving me with a sense of community and the desire to help my teammates achieve their goals while they support me with mine.  The other artists involved in the event were generous, thoughtful, and of course, quirky.  It gave me a broader sense of how I can set up my life to achieve the goals I want to meet and made me aware that when I am making excuses for why I have not as of yet been successful regarding a specific goal what it really means is I have not developed my game plan well enough and more research/time/effort is required.  The workshop gave me the feeling that anything is possible and failure is just another way to learn about one's goal and how to achieve it.  This was my first experience with both DELVE and chashama and I highly recommend both organizations and any event they are hosting."

--Sarah Hollars, workshops with chashama


"I had been struggling for years to solidify my artist statement when I enrolled in the DELVE workshop. After lots of thought provoking questions in the workshop, and then more sweat and tears at home, I finalized my statement and had it available to see at a recent open studio tour. Two friends stopped by and read the statement and were impressed. Unsolicited, they complimented the statement and commented on the phrasing. One is a poet and the other a novelist so I was honored to receive their endorsements. Thank you,  Andrea and Sara!"

--Mari, How to Write an Arist Statement Workshop


"I wanted to let you know how incredible your workshops were...I thought they were tremendously valuable, and I'd recommend them to anyone."

--Rebecca, workshops in partnership with Arts Gowanus