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  • Do you want to assure your unique creative business stands apart from the rest?

  • Are you feeling at a standstill with your work and need some fresh perspective so you can engage in a meaningful way with your customers?

  • Are you wanting to launch your creative side business but not sure how to start and if you can do it?

  • Do you have upcoming craft shows, trade shows or major sales and know that you can improve your displays?

  • Do you need a competitive visual edge for your online and print presence?

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I had, what I thought, was an abstract idea for a business, but was completely overwhelmed thinking about the details and figuring out where to begin. The more I dove in, the more overwhelmed I became. Having worked with Kind Aesthestic previously I knew Sara & Andrea offered the DELVE Toolkit and I was interested in learning more. I thought, even if I didn’t commit to the program, I was curious to hear what they had to say about my ideas and if DELVE would be a good fit so I started with their consultation phone call. As the conversation progressed I knew right away this dynamic would work and would be exactly what I’d need to hit the ground running. They take care and listen and understand my vision and unique story. Where Kind Aesthetic excels in digesting & understanding ideas and your bigger picture, they also understand the processes involved to achieve it. They helped me structure a working plan with attainable goals and action items that have already started the wheels in motion, becoming a small business owner and creative entrepreneur. This step by step guide was customized just for me as Clementine’s Daughter and gave me the confidence to go after it! I recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about taking that leap. Just have the consultation with these ladies. You will not look back once you do!
— Lindsay Maiorana
I’ve been working as a professional artist for five years. Recently I had a new idea for a small creative business and I knew realizing it would mean taking my work in a new direction. I felt confident about the creative part of my new project but less sure about entering the world of retail commerce and marketing. Sara and Andrea are smart and talented and had experience in branding, web design and photography—the areas I most wanted guidance on. They gave me great assignments and helpful feedback, and supported me as I honed my idea. Sara and Andrea offered an effective balance of practical guidance and deeper conceptual analysis that was just what I needed to help shape my business in a way that is authentic and compatible with my practice as an artist. The thinking I did with them about my new project carried over into my established art practice as well, and helped me refine my artist statement and website. As an artist I think the biggest challenge is learning how to communicate with the public about what you do, but Sara and Andrea are artists themselves so they have a unique perspective. Kind Aesthetic created a bridge between the studio and the challenge of representing myself to potential supporters of my work.
— Rachel Kroh

When there’s a strong story behind your work, it’s much easier for people to hold on to it, remember it, and want more of it. What is your unique story? Talking and writing about your business, creative practice, shop and/or product in an exciting and confident way is the best way to get people interested, sell more, and open doors to new opportunities.


It’s time to harness your website into a powerful tool. Especially if you are creating a product or creative service to sell, you want a place where people can go to find out more and be wowed. We can help you set up a beautiful online shop or portfolio site.

Is your idea of spreading the word about your upcoming craft show, event, sale or product launch calling your mom and your best friend and hoping for the best? It’s time to shout it all  from the rooftops because we promise it’s more fun, and easier to fit it into your schedule, than you think.

Do you have trouble writing about your products or the services you offer as a creative business? We’ll help you find your voice and effectively communicate product descriptions, promotional materials, blog entries, newsletters, marketing outreach, and customer service emails to your audience.

Daydreaming about starting a creative side business or moving forward with your studio practice? There are many ways to be more productive with the time you have. We’ll show you how.

Is planning for a huge goal paralyzing, but you know that you have the skills to accomplish it? Work with us to create a strategy to make progress on your work everyday to achieve big outcomes no matter how much time you have or how foggy those goals might currently be. We'll help you achieve clarity and focused direction.

Does your work look beautiful in your studio or workshop but lackluster in print and online? We can provide tips and training on how to create gorgeous imagery that you can make yourself. Believe it! We’ll show you how to get the best product photography and create a stunning visual presentation of your work.

Do you know that you need to build your community to get more opportunities, but don’t know where to look? Take the leap into new worlds with us where you’ll meet like-minded people and grow your practice, business and success.

Do you have trade show or craft show coming up and have no clue where to begin preparing? Or maybe your brick and mortar store isn’t looking as sharp as you’d like. Are you selling a creative product and have a hunch that the reason you have so much back stock is that the packaging is not up to snuff? Let’s get to work in assuring your work is best presented to the world.


How the DELVE Toolkit Works:

1) Check out the packages below to find the best fit for you. 
2) Set up a 20-minute free phone consultation via the form below and we'll take it from there.

We work with people all over the world via video chat, and in person if you're based in New York City.

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You are:

A creative entrepreneur who needs some focus and clarity on how to best present your work to the world online, in person and in writing; OR you’re an individual who wants to explore starting a creative business full time or on the side, and you need guidance getting your ideas out of your head and into the world. You’re ready to make a small but extremely effective investment in yourself to clarify your goals, understand how your business is unique from others and learn sustainable skills to drive your business further. Right now, you need some expert, friendly and consistent guidance and outside perspective to push you forward.

What you get:

  • a free phone consultation prior to signing up

  • personalized direction and weekly assignments

  • 4 hours of one-on-one conversation plus unlimited email access to Kind Aesthetic

  • the drive and focus from two professionals who truly care about your success

  • honest, clear feedback

  • an insightful report at the end of where you stand and direction on how to make future progress
  • Free Fractured Atlas Membership

How it works:

This is the perfect introduction to the DELVE Toolkit. We’ll work together diligently and intensely through personalized weekly assignments for four weeks. We’ll review your entire schedule, creative history, work habits, what’s bothering you and holding you back, and analyze how your online presence, visuals, branding, writing and speaking about your creative business hold up and support your endeavors, and more. By the end of the month you will receive a personal in-depth analysis of your current situation, where to make improvements, where you are excelling, and tips to make great strides forward. Basically, you might start humming this tune.


  • a new perspective on and confidence in your ideas and the way you present your creative work and/or business

  • a list of specific goals and how to achieve them

  • improved work habits and clarity

  • sustainable tips to achieve success over time

  • you've made more progress in four weeks than you thought possible

4 weeks, four-50 minute conversations, unlimited email feedback,  $415



You know:

That you want to completely dive into improving the way you communicate your creative business and endeavors in person, in writing and online, and you know you need some consistent and energizing talks and assignments to get you there. It doesn't matter if you're starting out or a seasoned veteran, it’s important for you to receive some expert feedback on how others perceive your work since sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. You’re a motivated creative who is ready for more than an introductory package; you know it will take the next couple of months to get to the place you want to be, but you also know that it will only take a couple of months with the help we can provide. You don’t want to wait any longer to see results!

What you get:

  • a free phone consultation prior to signing up

  • personalized direction and weekly assignments for two and half months

  • the drive and focus from two professionals who truly care about your success

  • 10 hours of one-on-one conversations plus unlimited email access to Kind Aesthetic

  • honest, clear feedback on the  ways you present your work, talk about it and/or write about it

  • an insightful report about where you stand and how to make future progress

  • 2+ customized Tip Sheets to help maintain your skills after we’re done working together
  • Free Fractured Atlas Membership

How it works:

In addition to the 4-week assessment offered in the Small Toolkit, we’ll delve further into developing your strengths on two major tools missing from your own personal toolkit. You will gain new, applicable skill sets that you were lacking as well as develop new productive habits. By the end of the ten weeks you will have applied this new knowledge to your creative business and you’ll see and feel major improvements on how you present your work to the world.


  • you’ll look back at when you started and say to yourself: “I can’t believe I got all of this done.”

  • at least two new actual skills that you were lacking, such as: writing, public speaking, social media, photography and more; it’s like taking a class, only better and way more customized to you.

  • refreshed and productive ways to present your work to the world.

  • new and improved work habits after ten weeks of diligent progress

  • feelings of: confidence, accomplishment, uniqueness and dedication

  • a list of specific goals and how to actually achieve them

  • a newfound clarity on who you are and why you do what you do

  • sustainable tips to achieve success over time, way after we’re done working together

10 weeks, ten-50 minute conversations, unlimited email feedback, $1520 (or $1105 if you've already started the Liftoff Package.)


You have:

A clear vision of success and what it means to you. It's time to put your best work out into the world and gain a ton of confidence by doing so; you have no fear! You have an open mind to change and outside feedback, are ready to implement new and better ways of communicating your creative business, and you are intent on honing the amazing skills you already have. You’re a hardworking and motivated creative who is ready to spend time on yourself, to better yourself as well as your business, and know that four months of hard work is a short time in the big picture. You understand that nothing will happen if you don’t start making these strides forward. You want to get started and get your hands dirty. Good. So do we!

What you get:

  • a free phone consultation prior to signing up
  • personalized direction and assignments for four whole months; we’re your sounding board, your motivators and add fuel to your fire

  • constant, steady motivation and manageable tasks so as not to overwhelm you, but train you to see your own circumstances from an outside perspective

  • actual new skills that you didn’t have before– this could be anything from public speaking to photographing your work; whatever you need, we’ll teach you.

  • the drive and focus from two professionals who truly care about your success

  • 16+ hours of one-on-one conversation plus unlimited email access to Kind Aesthetic to allow for no questions, big or small, to go unanswered

  • honest and clear feedback on the new ways you present your work, talk about it and/or write about it

  • an insightful report at the end of where you stand and direction on how to make future progress

  • 8+ customized Tip Sheets to help maintain your skills, way after we’re done working together

  • a list of specific goals and how to actually achieve them

  • Free Fractured Atlas Membership

How it works:

If you’re ready to get started for four months right away, we are ready to start with you! We’ll still begin by assessing your big picture for the first four weeks, but we’ll all have our eyes set on those larger goals right away. You’ll get specific, manageable and productive assignments for 16 weeks from working with us, and  we’ll begin implementing a completely bespoke strategy to create a manageable, productive timeline that will begin to feel like second nature after not long. We’ll correspond as often as you need via email in addition to our weekly meetings on the phone, in person or via Skype.  You will see immediate results and your creative business and endeavors will actually emerge transformed and better. All those nagging worries will be behind you so can you can concentrate on your work. And if you ever have a bad day or feel stuck, you’ll be equipped with new tools to get you out of those slumps.


  • you will have achieved a complete overhaul of how you present your work to the world; no stone will go unturned

  • feelings of: mastery, self-reliance, clarity and professionalism

  • seriously productive work habits accomplished from your daily routines and revamped schedule

  • a newfound clarity on who you are and why you do what you do

  • tons of work to show for yourself: an improved and flexible schedule, new ways to write and talk about your work in a confident and exciting way, a better professional identity, a gorgeous showcase of your work, and more.

16 weeks, 16+ hours of conversation, unlimited email feedback, a bespoke curriculum for your unique practice,  $2975 (or $1455 if you've already started the Airborne Package.)