No matter the stage in your career, you might need guidance, support, and professional, honest feedback about how your work is communicated to the world. You may be going through a transition, you want outside feedback about your work, or you’re just not able to grasp why you’re not able to achieve your goals fast enough.

Doing the 1:1 DELVE Toolkit made the non art-making side of being an artist seem more manageable. It forced me to really sit down and write about my work, set goals and timetables for achieving them, and then actually take the plunge and do the work. I think of Andrea as an art coach. She’s in your corner, she wants you to make progress, and she helps you do it. Andrea is very hands on and matter of fact, and she understands my work.
— Miriam, visual artist


This 4-week program is the perfect overview of your skills and your work, and will leave you confident and excited to take action on a carefully crafted, personalized plan that will help you reach your goals. We’ll cover every one of the 9 Tools in the DELVE Toolkit over the 4 weeks so you can know with confidence what is already working and what you need to improve.

How it works:

  • you complete a weekly worksheet (2-3 hours of your time per week)
  • we talk for one laser-focused hour every week about your answers
  • after our calls you get follow-up notes and task lists
  • you get unlimited email access to us over the four weeks to, for example: work on any extra writing assignments, get feedback on any projects or deadlines, or to hold you accountable to your time
  • the questions can be hard (no pain no gain) but our conversations are all about you, your goals and overcoming the stuff that gets in your way
  • we help you brainstorm productive and positive ways to transform the way you communicate your work to your ideal audience
  • we hold you accountable
  • we truly care about your success, so you can count on clear, honest feedback
  • you receive a detailed DELVE Toolkit Report at the end of the 4 weeks outlining where you stand with each of the 9 Tools

4 weeks, 4 one-hour conversations, unlimited email feedback: $415

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