When people ask, “What do you do?” do you have trouble answering, or tend to ramble on? When there’s a strong story behind your work, it’s much easier for people to hold on to it, remember it, and want more of it. What is your unique story? Talking and writing about your work in an exciting and confident way is the best way to get people interested, for you to sell more, and to open doors to new opportunities.

Your website is the virtual hub of your professional life, and you need a place where people can go to find out more about you and be wowed. It’s time to harness it into a powerful tool. We can help you improve your current site or coach you while you create a brand new one.

Is your idea of spreading the word about your upcoming show, event, sale or product launch calling your mom and your best friend and hoping for the best? It’s time to shout your ideas, work and amazing events from the rooftops because we promise it’s more fun, and easier to fit it into your day, than you think. We’ll help you integrate a cohesive marketing plan into your schedule.

Do you have trouble writing about your work, your products or the services you offer? We’ll help you find your voice and effectively write about your great ideas in order to get what you want: an engaged audience, buyers, grants, shows, and, of course, world domination. We’ll cover everything: artist statements, applications, product descriptions, promotional materials, blog entries, newsletters, marketing outreach, and more.

Frustrated with how you spend your time? You’re not alone. Getting the good work done is hard, and we can show you how to be more productive with the time you have and hold you accountable.

Does your work look beautiful in person but lackluster in print and online? We can provide tips and training on how to create gorgeous imagery that you can do yourself. Believe it! We’ll show you how to get the best art and product photography and create a stunning visual presentation of your work.


Do you know that you need to build your community to get more opportunities, but maybe you don’t know where to look or it’s uncomfortable getting out there? Take the leap into new worlds with us where you’ll meet like-minded people and grow your practice. You can’t work in isolation in order to reach your goals.

Is planning for a huge goal paralyzing, but you know that you have the skills to accomplish it? Work with us to create a strategy to make progress on your work everyday to achieve big outcomes. We'll help you achieve clarity and focused direction.

Do you have an exhibition, open studio, trade show or other big event coming up (congratulations!) and have no clue where to begin preparing? Are you selling a creative product and have a hunch that the reason you have so much back stock is that the packaging is not up to snuff? Let’s get to work in assuring your work is  presented in the best way possible to the world.

Sound like something you need? Email us to set up a free 20 minute phone call. Take the leap!