“Doing the 1:1 DELVE Toolkit made the non art-making side of being an artist seem more manageable. It forced me to really sit down and write about my work, set goals and timetables for achieving them, and then actually take the plunge and do the work. I think of Andrea as an art coach. She's in your corner, she wants you to make progress, and she helps you do it. Andrea is very hands on and matter of fact, and she understands my work.” – Miriam, visual artist

"I got my art business in order!  I needed help with time management, writing, and applying to artist residencies and call for entries.  I haven’t seen anything like The 1:1 DELVE Toolkit that felt as personal, realistic, and accessible. Being accountable for my time on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis helped me further understand where I want to go and how I can get there, in a realistic, manageable manner. Talking and writing about myself has significantly improved, which will impact my interactions with new people as well as helping me achieve residencies and entries that I apply for.  I’m also able to keep myself accountable and to see what I actually accomplish versus what I think I’m accomplishing.  The Overview package was a great kickstart and I could see myself benefiting from further Toolkits in the future when I’m looking to go to the next level with my business. It has been very helpful!" – Liz Robb, visual artist


"Like many artists, I worked independently in isolation and was in need of feedback on my work as well as guidance on emerging as a professional artist. Kind Aesthetic, you gave me the tools needed to begin the process of refining my work, finding community and presenting my work in a professional manner. I know I've said this before, but you've literally changed my life."  –Jason, visual artist

I signed up for the 1:1 DELVE Toolkit to help with my transition into being a full-time working artist after several years of juggling a day job with an art practice. I was in need of more exhibition and networking opportunities, sales and promotion of my work and was unsure how to begin to acquire these things necessary to sustain my new career path. By working with Andrea on the DELVE Toolkit, I was provided with a clearer understanding and realistic steps for how to achieve my immediate and long term goals. The best thing about the program is that is was uniquely tailored for me, at this moment in my career, in order to grow professionally in a way that was expansive and feasible. I highly recommend the program for any artist who is looking to expand their potential and feels overwhelmed by all the various tasks needed to have a sustainable and fulfilling art practice or creative small business. – Ryan, artist

"The 1:1 DELVE Toolkit is a very sensible, smart way of helping artists because it makes the artist step back and analyze his or her own practice and put it into words. I think many artists don’t give enough weight to the importance of being articulate when it comes to writing and talking about their work. Working with you made me look at and write about my artistic practice in all its aspects.  I have a much stronger elevator pitch and ability to talk about my work after doing the DELVE Toolkit." – Roxa Smith, visual artist

"I really enjoyed working with Andrea and Sara. They gave me important feedback when I was redesigning my website and rewriting my artist statement. They are attentive listeners and as a result were able to provide thoughtful responses to my work and help me clarify and work toward my professional goals." – Christina

"I benefited from working with Kind Aesthetic by learning some new tools and sharpening up some others to push my practice and career as an artist further.  While being a sounding board, Andrea and Sara provided helpful insight after reflecting on my needs from my practice and career.  Together they helped guide me to not only help clarify language around my work but to create effective changes to my presentation via my website and social media outlets. These changes have already begun to facilitate more exposure." – Rachel, visual artist

"I got in to Skowhegan. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you." – Andrew, visual artist

“Andrea and Sara are professionals in every sense of the word. Patient, honest and insightful, they helped me to clarify and strengthen my thoughts and writing surrounding my studio practice and art career. The 1:1 DELVE toolkit not only gave me a starting point but a structure that I continue to work from. Make no mistake, I didn’t enjoy the writing assignments but I grew to understand their value. Writing and word finding is work for me but just whining about it wasn’t going to improve things ... only hard work will do that. You simply have to put the time in. Many thanks, Kind Aesthetic, for helping me to focus and organize all the peripheral stuff so that I can ultimately spend more time in my studio, doing what I love most.”  — Kellie Murphy, artist

“I had, what I thought, was an abstract idea for a business, but was completely overwhelmed thinking about the details and figuring out where to begin. The more I dove in, the more overwhelmed I became. Having worked with Kind Aesthetic previously I knew Sara & Andrea offered the 1:1 DELVE Toolkit and I was interested in learning more. I thought, even if I didn’t commit to the program, I was curious to hear what they had to say about my ideas and if DELVE would be a good fit so I started with their consultation phone call. As the conversation progressed I knew right away this dynamic would work and would be exactly what I’d need to hit the ground running. They take care and listen and understand my vision and unique story. Where Kind Aesthetic excels in digesting & understanding ideas and your bigger picture, they also understand the processes involved to achieve it. They helped me structure a working plan with attainable goals and action items that have already started the wheels in motion, becoming a small business owner and creative entrepreneur. This step by step guide was customized just for me as Clementine’s Daughter and gave me the confidence to go after it! I recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about taking that leap. Just have the consultation with these ladies. You will not look back once you do!” — Lindsay Maiorana, creative entrepreneur

“I’ve been working as a professional artist for five years. Recently I had a new idea for a small creative business and I knew realizing it would mean taking my work in a new direction. I felt confident about the creative part of my new project but less sure about entering the world of retail commerce and marketing. Sara and Andrea are smart and talented and had experience in branding, web design and photography—the areas I most wanted guidance on. They gave me great assignments and helpful feedback, and supported me as I honed my idea. Sara and Andrea offered an effective balance of practical guidance and deeper conceptual analysis that was just what I needed to help shape my business in a way that is authentic and compatible with my practice as an artist. The thinking I did with them about my new project carried over into my established art practice as well, and helped me refine my artist statement and website. As an artist I think the biggest challenge is learning how to communicate with the public about what you do, but Sara and Andrea are artists themselves so they have a unique perspective. Kind Aesthetic created a bridge between the studio and the challenge of representing myself to potential supporters of my work.” — Rachel Kroh, visual artist and creative entrepreneur

"I needed outside input on how to articulate my work both verbally and on paper. I was struggling to find a common thread in my past and present bodies of works, making my artist presentation convoluted and preventing my career from progressing in the direction I desired. Now I feel much more confident about my artist statement and what my work in general is looking to do. I have a set of actions and achievable goals. As a result of the 1:1 DELVE Toolkit I have a large amount of clear, cohesive writing I can simply plug into my applications.

Having worked in the career development department at an established art school, I've explored all kinds of artist career development books, videos and events. If you are looking to be spoon-fed 'career success' speeches DELVE is not the place to go. The DELVE toolkit is both a guide and sounding board that is tailored to your specific situation and requires you invest your own time and critical thinking - allowing for actual problem solving and actual results."  – Kat, visual artist

"I had been having a problem putting my artist statement together in a way that was both insightful and personal. With the 1:1 DELVE Toolkit, we worked together week by week on different aspects of my art practice. Although writing about myself can be difficult, I can truly say that I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome. Andrea was articulate, sensitive and insightful. We covered changes to my website, scheduling, organizational skills, social media marketing as well as my artist statement. Truly thrilled with the outcome, I would not hesitate in recommending this service to any of my peers." – Deborah, visual artist