Artists and creative business owners: have you been struggling
with understanding how to file your taxes?


We have teamed up with artist/tax expert/wonderful human Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax to demystify your tax responsibilities as an artist.

We know we've had these questions for years! That's why we are so excited to bring you this course. We respect what you do, because we’re artists, too, and we know you need to understand your money. Hannah speaks clearly, without jargon, and explains tax concepts in plain English.

With a better understanding of your money, we hope to help your business grow. We are taking the fear out of money and empowering you to be a successful business. You can do this!

Taxes can be intimidating and confusing. Tax professional Hannah Cole is just the opposite. In The Ultimate, Honest Guide to Understanding Artist Taxes, she delivers clear, concise, information with an encouraging and empowering style.
— Alix Sloan of Sloan Fine Art and Author of the "Launching Your Career: A Practical Guide for Artists"
Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax, Andrea Wenglowskyj & Sara Jones of Kind Aesthetic/DELVE

Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax, Andrea Wenglowskyj & Sara Jones of Kind Aesthetic/DELVE

The Ultimate Honest Guide To Understanding Artist Taxes
gives you:

  • 12 short lessons that will take you under 60 minutes to complete
  • clear, illustrated examples to demystify your complicated tax questions
  • 9 beautifully designed PDF downloads to make taxes a pleasing, clarifying experience
  • vital tax information by an IRS-credentialled Enrolled Agent who specializes in artists
  • a special gift to help you with your Schedule C!

The Ultimate, Honest Guide to Understanding Artist Taxes will teach you:

  • How to overcome the fear that prevents many artists from getting all of the tax benefits they could be entitled to
  • What your tax responsibilities are as an artist
  • The concept of the Schedule C: what it’s for and why you should use it*
  • Whether filing your taxes as a business is appropriate for your arts practice
  • The difference between hobby vs. business rules and why they are a pitfall for artists
  • How to avoid the hobby loss dilemma, and what your responsibilities are in your arts practice
  • How your arts practice may be seen by an IRS professional who doesn’t know the art world, and how to present your arts business clearly to them to avoid misunderstanding
  • The reason that arts businesses are attractive targets for audit, and how to present your tax return in a way to make your professionalism and good business practices clearer to the taxing authorities
  • The basic tax equation for a Schedule C
  • Common deductible expenses for an artist
  • How to clarify what actually constitutes art income
  • How the IRS judges your business
  • How to empower yourself with the knowledge to grow a successful career

*Note, this course provides an excellent understanding of artist taxes, how they work, and how the IRS judges them, but it is not a how-to guide of how to fill out and file a Schedule C, or how to file your personal taxes.


Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax is a tax expert who specializes in working with creative people and their businesses. Though she’s worked at a couple “buttoned-up” tax firms in New York, she loves bringing her tax skills to the aid of the creative world. Her passion for helping creative businesses began when she was an Account Executive and Interactive Producer for a New York interactive design agency, where she saw the struggles and triumphs from the inside. A long-time working artist with a high-level exhibition history, the financial challenges of freelancers and small creative businesses are both relevant and personal to Hannah. And she knows that describing tax concepts in jargon-free language is always a good thing.

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