Get your ticket here for our first event of 2018 in New York City at CUE Art Foundation.

DELVE Gatherings are rooted in the desire to build a strong, supportive community around art, artists and contemporary issues. The theme we will be exploring this year at each event is Creating Change. Quiet or loud, social practice to solo studio painting, emerging to established, an artist’s voice is crucial to highlighting and synthesizing our human experience. We are interested in the critical eye and what it reveals, whether it’s a subtle visual pun or a loud, public proclamation. Art that comes from personal experience or a sense of civil responsibility resonates strongly, and has the power to activate society and potentially reimagine its structure.

We're thrilled to have our first gathering in New York City on June 26th at CUE Art Foundation, a dynamic visual arts center dedicated to creating essential career and educational opportunities for emerging and under-recognized artists of all ages. Through exhibitions, arts education, and public programs, CUE provides artists and audiences with sustaining and meaningful experiences and resources.

During the DELVE Gathering, a solo exhibition by Sheida Soleimani, curated by Kate Shepherd will be on view at CUE. Titled Medium of Exchange, the exhibition presents sculptural photographic tableaus that address the relationship between dictatorships and the petroleum industry at a time when oil has become a form of international currency and a source of warfare.

Meet our speakers:

Jeff Bergman. Photo by   Jeremiah Dine

Jeff Bergman. Photo by Jeremiah Dine

Jeff Bergman is a writer, art dealer and curator in New York. He is a Director at Pace Prints.  In 2016, he became the founding reader of an ongoing Teach In at Trump Tower. His art newsletter Atlas is in its fifth year.

Katrina Majkut

Katrina Majkut

Katrina Majkut (My’kut) is a visual artist and author living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She is dedicated to understanding how social traditions affect civil rights through embroidery and writing. She exhibits her cross-stitched artwork nationally, often at U.S. colleges, where she constructively engages with students about politics, women’s health, social practices and art as activism.

At our Gatherings and online via our blog and social media, we’ll be sharing the work of artists who don’t separate their everyday realities from their art making, and in turn use their own artistic language to communicate in the best way they can. By sharing their processes, histories and ideas, it’s possible to educate and inspire others to take action and cultivate change in their communities.

Over the next month as we look forward to the event, we will be sharing interviews, articles and artwork that relates to our theme. If you have any ideas or suggestions to share, we’d love to hear from you.
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