We often refer to your “unique story" as an artist or creative entrepreneur and you may be thinking, I know I am unique but it's really hard for me to articulate why.

Your unique story is a description of who you are, what you do, and why you do it, with a sprinkling of how you got there. This story gives you a framework to share your work and put yourself out there. It’s a tool to help you get the opportunities you want, and it translates into the written, verbal and visual presentation of you and your work.

The most important part of effectively figuring out your story is to find ways to incorporate writing into your practice and your daily life. Hands-down, writing is the answer most of our clients give when we ask them what they struggle with the most. Yet writing is the most effective tool in articulating your unique story so that you can eventually talk about it with ease. Even our clients who are writers, not just visual artists, have trouble writing about themselves, because it can be hard to see yourself from an outside perspective. It happens to us all.

The act of writing consistently helps with:

  • Working out problems: jotting notes down about your work gives language to ideas that could be abstract at the moment.

  • Being prepared for opportunities: having the right written tools on hand will help prepare you for an artist talk, applying to opportunities, and more.

  • Getting the things you want: words on paper make it easier to actually talk about what you do, being able to write effective emails and notes to strangers and colleagues is also an important skill. Being clear, thoughtful and articulate starts with putting words down on paper, and it can help you open doors of opportunity.

What can you do to add writing into your schedule to help work out ideas?