Sending out a newsletter is a great way to inform and connect with your audience. Don't let them forget about you!  People often ask us what they should include in their newsletter and how often they should sent it. Answers below.

First, send your newsletter consistently. If you're super busy with your creative practice, send a newsletter once a month to let people know about your events ahead of time. If you're super busy with your life and can't be bothered to send a newsletter every month, that is ok. But be sure to one out every few months with ample time before important events you want people to attend and when there is something exciting to share. Trust us, you have wonderful news to share all the time, it's all about how you package it.

Here is a list of ten topics you can cover:

1. Your recent work. Share images of your work, or perhaps you've updated your website recently? Share it!

2. Upcoming events. Plan ahead and invite people! If they're interested they will save the date and join you. Don't forget to remind people. We're all busy.

3. Views inside your workplace or studio. Is your workspace unique and amazing? A peek behind the scenes with gorgeous imagery can add wonderful insight into how you work.

4. A great project from your archive. Is any of your past work relevant to current events or a current project happening in your life? Re-share it with your audience.

5. Work from friends. Share projects from your friends and colleagues, and vice versa. It's a great way to reach a new audience and support your community.

6. A call to action. Do you need your community to sign a petition, watch a specific video or do you want to share information about something relevant to your work? This is a great platform for it.

7. Links to sell your stuff. Do you have an online shop or an upcoming sale of any sort? Spread the word!

8. Posts from your blog. Visual or written, a blog can be a really interesting introduction to your work. If there are any posts that are particularly strong or relevant, be sure to share them.

9. Your work on view. Has your work been shown somewhere recently or shared online? Give your audience a link and offer a description.

10. Highlights from social media. Do you have some great images from Instagram, Pinterest boards or other highlights from social media that are relevant to your work? Let people know that you are active and alive online, they might want to follow you there, too!

Good luck! Remember that services like Mailchimp and MadMimi are wonderful resources to send out professional newsletters and please make sure your images are strong and you link to your website and other relevant sources.