As a working artist, getting a hold on your schedule and productivity can be a challenge. In this post we'd like to offer three important facts to consider in order to improve your schedule, create more balance in your days, and therefore, reach your goals.

1) When are you most productive? 
A DELVE Toolkit client of ours came into the first meeting really wanting to change her schedule since she didn't feel like she was being productive enough. When we asked her when she felt most energized and creative, she stated that she was best in the mornings. We proposed changing up her morning routine (which then looked like: checking email, doing busy work, and planning her day) to: diving straight into her productive studio time each morning after walking her dog and having coffee ritual. Her small daily change would allow her to show up everyday to the creative process that her business thrives on and make that work. Emails and bill paying can wait until the afternoon when the creative juices wane.

If you're not a morning person, that is ok. The goal is to determine when you are best at making your work, not doing all the busy stuff that supports it, and make that time sacred.

2) Physically write things down.
Sometimes you need a good old-fashioned piece of paper to drag with you through your day. Write your to dos down on paper so you can cross them out and visually be reminded. Change and reorganize this piece of paper every day, or every few days. Keep it fresh and flowing.

3) Create your daily to-do list the night before, or for the week.
If you start your work time with a set intention, it's way easier to get working. Spend the last fifteen minutes of every day creating that to do list so you can easily pick up where you left off.

The key is to not overcomplicate things. Stay on task and cross things off your list every chance you get. Stay focused!