Whether we like it or not, tax season awaits. We figured why not embrace it by getting empowered with a ton of knowledge about taxes, money, and what that means for us as artists? You should join us. It'll be fun–We promise!

We know we've had questions for years about taxes and Schedule Cs and all that stuff. We talked about it with friends and colleagues, who also felt themselves shrink away from the topic with confusion. That's why we are so excited to bring you a brand new online course called:

We have teamed up with artist/tax expert/wonderful human Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax to demystify your tax responsibilities as an artist. Hannah speaks clearly, without jargon, and explains tax concepts in plain English.

We met Hannah in Brooklyn – she now resides in North Carolina – when her studio was down the hall from ours. An amazing artist, she got licensed as a tax expert and specifically works with artists and creative businesses because she gets it, she gets us, she is one of us! Hannah is a totally smart, badass woman and we couldn't be more excited to be collaborating with her.

With a better understanding of your money, we hope to help your art business grow. With Hannah's expertise and support, we are taking the fear out of money and empowering you to be a successful business. You can do this!

Throughout the process of making this course with her, we have learned so much. She has so many clear examples and literally translates all the confusing IRS language into phrases that ring with clarity. This course we created is a labor of love, and is a must for anyone who has ever been the least bit confused about how their art practice fits into the greater tax world.

A number of confidants have already taken the course and are saying things like:

Taxes can be intimidating and confusing. Tax professional Hannah Cole is just the opposite. In The Ultimate, Honest Guide to Understanding Artist Taxes, she delivers clear, concise, information with an encouraging and empowering style.
— Alix Sloan