This class is perfect if you're an artist who has trouble writing about your work, you don’t have the time or motivation to prepare written work to apply for opportunities, or even if you love writing about your work but aren’t sure if it’s working to enlighten your audience in the right way.

During this online course we will:

  • Break down the components of what an artist statement should and should not be.

  • Review exercises and tips on how to produce an excellent statement time and time again.

  • Give you the blueprint for a successful artist statement that feels genuine.

  • Give you time and focus to write your own statement during the duration of the course.

This course is online and self-guided, so you can start and complete it at any time.

It's a great course for artists at any stage of their careers.

Professional Editing of Your Artist Statement: $175

How it works:

  • You must have finished the online course, Crafting a Powerful Artist Statement.
  • Purchase the editing service here.

  • Once purchased, send an email to with the following:

    • A .doc file of your statement you worked on during the course as the best possible version it can be.

    • Include a website link to the work you are talking about, or a Dropbox folder full of the images with the longest side at 1000px. Make sure you include Title, Year, Dimension, Material for each work.

    • Write us a note and let us know if anything gave you trouble or if you’re trying to get something across and it’s not working for you.

  • Within 1 week we’ll send you an edited document with suggestions and comments.

  • You will have 1 more week to send us the final version and we’ll give you one more round of edits, suggestions and accolades!