Writing For Artists + Creatives
Tips for the Artist Statement + more


Do you have trouble writing about your visual work? Making a habit out of writing, in addition to outside perspective, feedback, and editing, are key to translating your great ideas into getting what you want: grants, exhibitions, new clients, and, of course, world domination.

The information below will help and inspire you to fit writing about your art or creative work into your schedule, plus some tools that might make your life a little better.

Tips to add writing to your practice:

Write every day.

Find an accountability buddy with whom you can share your statements and make progress on work together.

Make it enjoyable. 

Keep a journal. Simple, but it works.


Mailchimp to create newsletters

Boomerang for emailing

The amazing Unsend button in Gmail

Rapportive to get to know who you are emailing with

Evernote to take notes digitally on any device


Interested in taking the next step to improving your writing skills and habits once and for all? Email us to set up your free 20 minute conversation about the DELVE Toolkit for Artists and Creatives.